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History and development of DELC

Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd of CNR was originated from Datong Locomotive Works after its reorganization in 2003. DELC was established in 1954 and it was one of key 156 projects in “the First Five-year Plan”. The company has an area of 2,337,500 sq. m., in which factory area is 1,455,300 sq. m. DELC is in possession of more than 3,000 equipments, total assets of 2,8 billion yuan and more than 6000 staff.

DELC has passed the certification of Quality Control System of ISO9001, International Environment Standard of ISO 14001, Occupational Security and Health Management System of GB/T28001 and first level enterprise of National Security Quality Standardization, and it has been defined to be new and high-tech enterprise of Shanxi province in 2001. DELC owned its national enterprise R&D Center with rich research and production capability, and it is the key technical introduction enterprise supported by MOR and the key electric locomotive production & research base in China. DELC is the only enterprise that manufactured all those three types of locomotives- steam locomotive, diesel locomotive and electric locomotive, and the total production is 5571 of steam locomotives and 659 of diesel locomotives. In 1988, DELC stopped the production of steam locomotives and began to carry out multimode production mainly relying on “internal electric locomotive”. DELC stepped into a new period of electric locomotive research & production after the production of diesel locomotive stopped in 1999. By the end of 2007, DELC has finished the production of 1538 locomotives. The company has the capability to manufacture 11 types of Shaoshan DC driven electric locomotives such as SS3, SS3B, SS3B (multiple unit), SS4, SS4G, SS7, SS7B, SS7C, SS7D, SS7E, modularized SS7E and high power AC driven electric locomotive (HXD2 locomotive); therefore it’s the company with most complete locomotive types in national electric locomotive industry. Among those locomotive types, SS7 series of locomotive is our self- innovated and self-researched product, which achieved second prize of national technology progress award. SS7C, SS7D and SS7E locomotives are the main types of locomotives respectively for the 3rd, 4th and 5th stages of China Railway’s policy of raising speed and all these locomotives have played an important role in 6th China Railway’s policy of raising speed.


Great Changes Aroused by Technical Transfer & Self-innovation

DELC was listed as one of the six supporting enterprises in locomotive and rolling stock line by MoR in 2003. In 2005, DELC signed the contract with France ASLTOM on the technical transfer and procurement of Bo-Bo High power AC driven electric locomotive and obtained the order of 180 Bo-Bo locomotives (HXD2 locomotive). From then DELC invested about CNY 0.4 billion in an overall modification on hardware system and after that an industrial electric locomotive base was founded with logic layout, smooth flowchart and advanced equipments. The first domestic assembly HXD2 locomotive was finished on May 18th, 2008 and the series production and delivery was also realized shortly. The total 180 locomotives will have been delivered to MoR by the end of 2008. The HXD2 locomotive is the most powerful, speedy and best heavy-load freight in China with total power of 10,000Kw and max speed of 120km/h, representing the top level of fast-speed freight transportation worldwide.

Through the core technique mastered, DELC has made great stride in transfer from low power, DC driven locomotive to high power, AC one which made us at the frontline and peak of AC driven field. By implementation of technical importing, DELC has established a platform for the research & development of top-level AC driven locomotive and obtained top-level technique, leading capacity in manufacture and quality management.

On the basis of self-innovation, DELC cooperated with France ALSTOM again and signed a purchasing contract with MoR for 500 Bo-Bo High power AC driven freight locomotives on March 12th, 2007, which went into effective on Aug 20th, 2007. The on-track commissioning test of the first locomotive will be performed at the end of 2009 and the series production will start in 2010. The total 500 locomotives will be delivered to MoR in 2012. The Bo-Bo project will lay a solid foundation for consolidating the absorption and digestion of technical transfer, strengthening the position of the company in locomotive and rolling stock line and promoting continuous, speedy development.

DELC has caught up with world level in management mode and method, established a complete system of quality control and introduced overseas the advanced management mode for quality engineers. It also put many efforts in establishing a supplier management system, training and supervising a supplier team in a scientific way. A mode of industrial management program (IMP) has been introduced to make full preparation for manufacturing and technology and a system of enterprise resource program (ERP) widely applied for the manufacturing of locomotives so that logistics, funds and information flow were synchronously transmitted and controlled in order.

The company finished the construction of an electric locomotive R&D base in Beijing in October 2007 and established R&D centre officially on April 28th 2008. With the increase of professionals and the excellent graduates, the company, basing on its technical centre of national enterprise, makes it available to gather people of ability in the railway field and further highlight its advantage at this aspect.

DELC obtained prominent achievements in informationization construction. A multi-level and extensive-field structure with DELC characteristic has come into being. Moreover, the informationization construction ranks high in the Group. It is a key demonstrating enterprise of Manufacturing Informationization Project in Shanxi province, being rewarded one of the top 500 Chinese informationization enterprises consecutively in 2006 and 2007.


Foreign Cooperation

In 1996, DELC and American ABC Railway Products--China Investment Company jointly founded Datong ABC Casting Co., Ltd.

In November 2002, DELC and Germany Stemmann Company singed an agreement on technical transfer of DSA serial pantographs, and jointly founded Beijing CED High-tech Rail Electricity Co., Ltd. On April 28th 2008, headquarter of this company was completed in Beijing.

In December 2005, DELC and ABB (China) Co., Ltd jointly founded Datong ABB Traction Transformer Co., Ltd.

In January 2007, DELC and India SEMCO Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture contract, founding Datong SEMCO Rail Transport Equipment Co., Ltd.
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